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Croton eleuteria – Cascarilla

Posted by The Lorax in October 14, 2008

Cascarilla, growing near Ibarra, Imbabura Province.  A native of the Bahamas, Cascarilla has naturalized throughout South America due to its medicinal importance.  It is a medium-sized shrub to small tree, with distinctive silvered leaves and highly fragrant white flowers, and can be found growing wild in most parts of Ecuador.  Cascarilla is a member of the Crotons, other members of which are also important medically, and part of the larger family of the Euphorbiums.

Medicinally, the bark of Cascarilla is used against yellow fever and other high fever states; a tea is prepared of the dried bark.  Added to preparations of Cinchona (Quinine) it reduces the nausea and vomiting associated with the high doses necessary to kill malaria.

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